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(01 - 02 year old)​​


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Welcome to Ms Jona Nursery

We create the perfect environment for your child

Ms Jona Nursery’s utmost concern is to create the most ideal atmosphere for the kids to grow happy, safe, loved, heard, and respected. They also learn to become thinkers, caring, open-minded, balanced, communicators, principled, inquirer, and knowledgeable.

We follow an educational system that makes your kids more interested and passionate about learning. Ms Jona Nursery and childcare center provides your children with a positive atmosphere for raising them up as well as fulfilling their potentials with the guide of our qualified skilled teachers.


Children learn to paint


Where learning is a serious fun

Water Play

Imagine various water activities

Music & Singing

Everybody loves Child’s singing

Puppet Centre

What you don’t have at home

Library Reading

How many stories does our teacher know?

Activity Rooms

Our secret area is our educational ways

Full Day Sessions

We enjoy learning together

Sand Play

All year round we enjoy sand

What About Admission?

You want to know more?! Ms Jona Nursery Tours Are Given Daily. Please Contact Us To schedule an appointment.